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Bathers Beach: An Ultimate Guide Before You Plan To Go

Bathers Beach is a hidden gem nestled in the town of Fremantle, Western Australia.

The beach offers crystal clear waters with soft golden sand and the soothing sound of waves. It is perfect for a peaceful beach experience.

You will love to see the beautiful sunset on this beach which will paint the sky in hues of orange and pink, so romantic!

Whether going with family, lovers, or friends, the beach has something for everyone to create memories upon!

This article will unlock all the wonders of Bathers Beach to serve you as a guide for this amazing place upon the overview, things to do, places to eat and stay, and many more!

Overview Of Bathers Beach

Bathers Beach is also known as Whalers Beach which is situated on the coastline of Fremantle, Perth.

The beach is spread over 300 meters with white sand. It faces the Indian Ocean from the west side of the harbor. Due to its privileged location, the beach often has large waves typically around 1 meter which is loved by surfers.

To talk about the climate, the beach enjoys a Mediterranean-type climate, i.e. warm & dry summers, and mild & wet winters. The climate contributes to the beach being a year-round destination.

Moreover, Bathers Beach is the first beach among the other Australian beaches to get a liquor license. What is more amazing than partying on the shores?

9 Things To Do At Bathers Beach

Bathers Beach coastline with white sand and clean blue waters

1. Swimming and Sunbathing

Bathers Beach is a prime location for swimming and sunbathing. The beach has crystal-clear waters and soft sand all over that invites the tourists as well as the locals.

You will love to take a refreshing swim in the waters and then relax and soak up in the soft sands, lying under the sun. 

The waves at this beach are suitable for all swimming skill levels while ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. The beach has to offer to everyone!

The air and sound coming from the shores can help you take a break from the hustle of urban life into the soothing nature.

2. Historical Sightseeing

Near Bathers Beach, you can go on walks to see some interesting history

One special place is the Round House. It’s the oldest building around and has a lot of stories from the past. 

Walking around at the beach, you’ll see old buildings. 

You can learn about what happened there a long time ago. It’s like stepping back in time

These walks are not just good exercise but also a fun way to learn about the history of how people in Fremantle used to live and work.

3. Art and Culture

At the beach, you can enjoy art and culture. 

There’s a place called J Shed where artists make and show their work. You can see different kinds of art like paintings and sculptures. 

Sometimes, there are events and shows where various artists share their creations. This area is not just about the beach but also about creativity and local culture

You can meet artists, see their art, and learn about their ideas. Have fun to see the creative side of Fremantle. 

4. Dining And Cafes 

There are many cafes and restaurants, right next to the beach. They offer a variety of foods, especially popular fresh seafood

You can eat outside and see the ocean. Ahh, what a peaceful way to have a meal!

The cafes offer lovely delights like coffee, little snacks, and desserts like ice cream or cake. 

Whether you want a full meal or just something small, you’ll find it here.

5. Bathers Beach Sports

You can play sports on the beach. It’s a fun place to play games like beach volleyball. The sand makes it a great spot for this. 

People often come here to play with their friends or family. It’s good exercise and a lot of fun. You can also see others playing different beach games

These sports keep you active while enjoying and having a good time at the beach. 

It’s perfect for those who like being outdoors and doing something energetic. You can join in for the games or just watch and have fun.

6. Fishing in Bathers Beach

Get your fishing gear and try your luck at fishing from the shores or jetty close by. 

You will love to sit next to the waters and wait for the fish to take your bait. And when you catch one, it will be the best feeling! Fishing lovers can understand me here.

Well, it’s no rocket science, whether you are a beginner you can still do fishing as this beach offers everyone a great and safe spot.

You will find people fishing there and have a gossip about it.

Try it, maybe you could find your fresh lunch or dinner on your own.

7. Photography

With the beach, ocean, and sunset, there are lots of beautiful things to take pictures of, what else do you need? 

The sunsets are really amazing and will make your pictures extra beautiful. 

You can also take pictures of the beach, the waves, and maybe even some birds. Photography lovers, It’s a jackpot for you! Bring your camera and capture special moments. 

Whether you’re good at photography or just like taking pictures for fun, you’ll find something beautiful to photograph.

It’s a way to remember the lovely views and capture your fun times at the beach.

8. Market and Shopping

Fremantle Markets, near Bathers Beach, is an amazing place to shop. 

There are many stalls with a variety of items. You can see things like crafts made by hand, trendy clothing, and fresh food such as fruits and vegetables. 

It’s a good place to find special gifts or something nice for yourself. 

The market often has a fun vibe with music and sometimes people performing on the street. 

It’s enjoyable to spend time there, discover new things, and perhaps pick up a few nice items.

9. Bathers Beach Boat Tours

This will fascinate you, Bathers Beach also offers boat rides! 

Hop on the boats and take a trip to the sea to explore the shore from a new angle. You will love to see the land from the waters!

If you visit the beach at the right time, on boat trips you might see whales.

These trips can be enjoyed by families, friends, or anyone who likes being near water. 

You’ll get to learn about the ocean and have a nice time on the boat.

Best Time to Visit Bathers Beach

Bathers Beach View from the lower angle in a calm weather

The best time to visit Bathers Beach is from September to February as these months are the months of summer as well as spring.

However, if you plan to go at another time, you can check out these pros and cons of every month:

Summer (December to February)

Pros: the temperature at its highest making it suitable for a perfect beach time.

Cons: busiest time of the year.

Autumn (March to May)

Pros: Less Crowded, mild weather

Cons: Cooler weather, rain, and wind might affect your plans

Winter (June to August)

Pros: Might get a chance to see whale migration, picturesque waters

Cons: Too cold for swimming, unpredictable weather

Spring (September to November)

Pros: Pleasant weather, less crowded

Cons: Unpredictable weather, hazardous for pollen-allergic people

15 Best Places to Eat at Bathers Beach

Here is the list of some best restaurants and cafes near the beach to have a bite:

S. No.Restaurant/ Cafe NameDistance from Bathers BeachCuisine(s)
1.Bathers Beach HouseAbout 6 meters Family Restaurant
2.Char Char RestaurantAbout 56 metersSteakhouse, Seafood, Australian
3.Kailis’ Fishmarket CafeAbout 86 metersSeafood, Fastfood, Australian
4.Chalky’s Espresso BarAbout 450 metersCafe, International
5.Little CreaturesAbout 270 metersBrewpub, Bar, Pizza
6.Moore & Moore CafeAbout 100 metersCafe, healthy, Australian
7.Bread in CommonAbout 550 metersInternational, Australian
8.Nunzio’s RestaurantAbout 700 metersItalian, Mediterranean, Sicilian, Southern-Italian
9.Strange CompanyAbout 600 metersAustralian, WineBar
10.Ohana Acai BarAbout 1100 metersCafe, Healthy
11.Lions and TigersAbout 700 metersIndian, Fusion, Australian
12.Capri RestaurantAbout 850 metersItalian, Mediterranean
13.La SostaAbout 1000 metersItalian, Mediterranean, European
14.Bar OrientAbout 800 metersBar, Pub, Australian
15.Blink Coffee BarAbout 700 metersCafe, Australian

10 Nearby Attractions of Bathers Beach

Your trip to Bathers Beach does not come to an end until you explore these listed places as well. There are 9 places to visit near the beach:

1. Fremantle Prison

View of the whole Fremantle Prison from the top

Fremantle Prison is a UNESCO World Heritage and is 2.3 km away from Bathers Beach.

It’s a big old prison that was built by prisoners and was used from the 1850s to 1991. Now, it’s a place where people can go to learn about its history. 

You can take tours of the prison to see what the old jail looked like and learn about the lives of people there. Tours are offered during the day and even spooky nights. 

The guides tell you all about the prison’s history and some of the famous escapes

2. WA Maritime Museum

A ship model in WA Maritime Museum near Bathers Beach

The Maritime Museum, 950 meters away from the beach, can make you learn about boats, the ocean, and Fremantle’s history with the sea. 

It’s interesting to see old boats like real submarines and learn how people used to travel and work on the water. 

The most famous thing in this museum is the Australia II yacht. This yacht won a famous boat race called the America’s Cup. It was the first time an Australian boat won this race.

3. The Round House

The Round House in Fremantle

It is the oldest public building in Western Australia which is 450 meters away from Bathers Beach.

Originally from 1831, it was a jail but not anymore. People can visit to dig into the history and the life there.

The cannon outside the building is fired sometimes as an old tradition. 

Moreover, the building is on a hill which offers amazing views of the surroundings, town, and ocean.

4. Fishing Boat Harbour

The whole view of Fishing Boat Harbor from the top near Bathers Beach

It is a place by the sea to enjoy fresh seafood and hang out. It is 2.2 km away from Bathers Beach.

This place has a lot of restaurants and cafes where you can eat while looking at the ocean.

To have a lively experience on your visit, visit it and blend yourself into its culture and feel. If you are lucky enough, you could even find some event or festival going on at the time of your visit.

5. Fremantle Arts Centre

Fremantle Arts Center building

This historic building used to be a mental hospital. Now, it is an arts hub which is 2.1 km away from Bathers Beach.

It will offer you an amazing experience of exhibitions, live music, arts, sculptures, and many more.

There is also a cafe where you can have a bite or coffee. It is a peaceful place surrounded by gardens and colors.

6. Esplanade Park

Beautiful greenery in Esplanade Park near Bathers Beach with a unique fountain

This park is 550 meters away from Bathers Beach and has a lot of greenery. It is the best place for a picnic.

People often come here with their families as it has space for kids to play and even playgrounds

It also organizes fun events and festivals, especially in summer. It has paths to walk and bike and have a peaceful time.

A visit to this park will feel like home!

7. Shipwreck Galleries (WA Shipwrecks Museum)

Here you will get to learn about maritime archaeology and historic shipwrecks. It is 200 meters away from Bathers Beach.

You will get to see pieces of ships, things the sailors used, and even treasures.

It is most famous for the story of Batavia which is about a famous ship that sank in 1629. It has parts of Batavia and learn about what happened.

8. Cappuccino Strip

Cappuccino Strip Lane in Fremantle near Bathers Beach

Just like Fishing Boat Harbour, this place is also famous for its cafes and restaurants.

It is 1.1 km away from Bathers Beach and has an amazing nightlife. 

The name “Cappuccino Strip” comes from the many coffee shops here and some other drinks as well. You will find all sorts of food here.

You will love to spend time here to eat, drink, or hang out with live music and a vibrant atmosphere. 

9. Rottnest Island

Clean Rottnest Island View from the top with clear waters and a lighthouse

This small island is just a ferry ride away from Bathers Beach. It has cute quokkas and friendly small animals.

There is no car on this island so you have to get around by bike or walk. You can ride to see lighthouses and beautiful bays.

The history lies here too, it was used for different things, like a place for soldiers during the war.

Moreover, you can also go snorkeling and see lots of fish and corals in the clear waters.

10. Fremantle Town Hall

Fremantle Town Hall Building near Bathers Beach

It is a historical building made in the late 1800s which is 1.6 km away from Bathers Beach.

The building has a beautiful Victorian design and looks fancy and elegant just like the historic buildings of England.

It is a symbol of Fremantle and is used for meetings and offices and sometimes weddings and concerts.

It is painted in bright colors and has a big clock tower that you can see from far away.

Location Access Tips: Bathers Beach

Accessing Bathers Beach in Fremantle, Western Australia is quite straightforward. Here are some tips for getting there:

  1. By Car: You can reach Bathers Beach from anywhere by car. There are also easy-paid parking facilities along Marine Terrace and Mews Road. If you are coming on weekends and holidays, it is advisable that you arrive early to secure your spot. 
  2. Public Transport: Fremantle has good public transport facilities. You can take a train to Fremantle station or a bus to Fremantle Town center and then walk to Bathers Beach, it’s close.
  3. Biking: You can also reach the beach through your bike as the city has a number of bike paths and lanes. After reaching there, bike racks are available as well.
  4. On Foot: If you’re already in Fremantle, Bathers Beach is a short walk away from the Fremantle Town Centre, Fremantle Markets, and Fishing Boat Harbour.
  5. Ferry: If you’re coming from Perth, you can take a ferry to Fremantle and enjoy a scenic ride. From the ferry terminal, Bathers Beach is a short walk or drive away.

15 Accommodations Near Bathers Beach

Check out these Google-rated hotels to have a relaxed trip:

S. No.Hotel NameRatingsDistance from Bathers Beach
1.The Norfolk Hotel4.4About 850 meters
2.Esplanade Hotel Fremantle by Rydges4.1About 500 meters
3.Be. Fremantle Serviced Apartments4.4About 400 meters
4.Ocean Beach Hotel4.0About 10 km
5.Fremantle Village4.1About 5 km
6.The Local Hotel4.5About 1.6 km
7.The Wray Hotel4.6About 1.9 km
8.Nautica Residences5.0About 3.8 km
9.Quest Fremantle4.4About 850 meters
10.Gallery Hotel4.0About 8.4 km
11.Pagoda Resort & Spa4.1About 15.6 km
12.Discovery Parks – Coogee Beach4.2About 8.1 km 
13.Warders Hotel4.8About 1.1 km
14.Harbourside Apartments Fremantle4.6About 700 meters
15.Cottesloe Beach Chalets4.1About 8.8 km

10 Tips to Remember Before You Go

Before heading to Bathers Beach, keep these things in mind:

  1. Check the Weather: Check the weather if it is suitable for your beach visit. Commonly, sunny and mild conditions are ideal.
  2. Swim Safely: Learn about the swimming safety signs or flags. If the beach has lifeguards, swim near them.
  3. Pack Essentials: Bring sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and towels. Also, water and snacks to stay hydrated.
  4. Dress Appropriately: Wear comfortable beachwear and shoes for water and rocks.
  5. Respect the Environment: Keep the beach clean and dispose of your trash properly.
  6. Parking and Transport: If you are driving, remember the parking information. Also, the public transport options, in case.
  7. Beach Facilities: Check if there are public restrooms, changing facilities, or food vendors available.
  8. Local Regulations: Be aware of any beach rules, like dog restrictions or anything.
  9. Timing: Avoid peak times if you prefer a quieter experience. Mornings or weekdays can be less crowded.
  10. Safety and Valuables: Keep an eye on your belongings and valuables. 

Wrapping Up 

Bathers Beach is surely a wonderful place that offers a blend of natural beauty, culture, fun, and peace! It is not just about the sun and surf.

Anybody will love to spend time here, leaving behind the stress and hustle of urban life. It offers a memorable experience whether you are a solo traveler, a family, or a group of friends. It is perfect for everyone to sunbathe, have a picnic, play games, or just walk alongside the beach.

The beach is the best combination of nature and man-made structures as it is easily accessible by any mode of transport and promises to give you a happy time.

Make this amazing place your next spot for vacation or visit! 


1. Where is Bathers Beach?

Bathers Beach is a Fremantle Beach. It is typically located between the WA Maritime Museum’s Area and Challenger Harbour.

2. Can you swim in Bathers Beach?

Bathers Beach is a perfect spot to relax and swim. The serene beauty in the ideal weather gives you a peaceful opportunity away from the hustle of urban life.

3. What To Do At Bathers Beach House?

Bathers Beach has a calm bay which is great for swimming and has protective rock walls. You can enjoy sun lounges and drinks at Bathers Beach House.

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