20 Best Beaches in Costa Rica: You Should Not Miss

20 Best Beaches in Costa Rica: You Should Not Miss

Are you being dicey about choosing the best beaches in Costa Rica? Dig into this blog and choose the perfect beach you would love to visit!

Costa Rica has been widely visited by tourists and is famed for its jaw-dropping landscape, pristine beaches, and majestic scenery

Costa Rica is located between the Caribbean Ocean and the Pacific Sea and has 300 beaches to explore.

According to the statistics, Costa Rica is safe to travel to, the crime rate is low here, and petty theft can occasionally be problematic.

Perfect Time to Visit Costa Rica 

  • When the weather is driest and most vibrant, December to April is the ideal time for a Vacation.
  • Get your tickets between May and June to take advantage of endless sunny days ideal for enjoying the beaches, forests, and everything.
  • Try to avoid the Christmas season. Peak season means crowded areas and expensive pricing.
  • May and June are the Best times for fewer crowds and no hassles or rush so that you can enjoy the lush and vibrant scenery.

20 Must-Visit Best Beaches in Costa Rica For Travel Lovers

1. Playa Tortuguero

a turtle on the best beach of Costa Rica.

Playa Tortuguero is a jewel renowned for its ocean turtles. This is the ideal spot to explore the wilderness, absorb the sun, or go for a fishing picnic

Playa Tortuguero is a small serene village. The best way to explore the parks is by getting on a boat and having an exceptional view.

2. Playa Hermosa

Blue lagoons with white sand beach in one of the best beaches in Costa Rica

Playa Hermosa is a gem of smooth, grey sands with lush green hills

Delve into the pleasing climate, Sparkling clear blue waters perfect for a thrilling experience of jet skiing, beautiful sunset tours, water sports, so many food options and so much more.

3. Isla Tortuga 

white yacht in the ocean in one of the best beaches in Costa Rica

The ideal tropical escape in Costa Rica is Tortuga Island. Sparkling turquoise waters, immaculate white sand sea shores, and an overflow of marine life ideal for swimming.

You can also spot nearby cozy cafés and restaurants to grab a bite and sip refreshing drinks. As it’s not very touristy, you can relax and enjoy the natural beauty.

4. Playas Del Coco

a beautiful statue of a couple on the seashore in one of the best beaches in Costa Rica

Playas Del Coco is one of the best beaches in Costa Rica and Offers amazing sunsets and palm-lined sea shores that are great for relaxing or having fun out of water sports. 

The town wakes up around evening time with energetic bars and cafés serving up lip-smacking fish, seafood and nearby cooking. 

Playas del Coco brings something to the table for everybody, Whether you are swimming, celebrating, or essentially relaxing in the sun.

5. Playa Bejuco

Playa Bejuco is an unlikely treasure you’ll cherish finding. Offering a quiet escape from famous populated and best beaches in Costa Rica and brilliant sea shores. 

You can experience a more serene vibe because it’s not as busy as other beaches.

6. Playa Negra

gushing waves and clear beaches in one of the best beaches in Costa Rica

It’s an excellent spot to relax on an unusual beach with black sand, a refreshing drink, explore pearl-like beaches, and go swimming. 

Playa Negra is a cool beach with a local vibe if you’re seeking one. With surfers catching waves this place radiates an extremely relaxed feel.   

7. Potrero beach

a man in a cowboy hat adoring the sunset in one of the best beaches in Costa Rica

Ideal for those wishing to get away from the hustle. There is no rush and an extremely calm environment with brilliant sands and serene waves.

Appreciate stunning dusks, there are a couple of exquisite cafés and bars where you might have some food or a beverage. It’s a mostly secret gem where you can completely unwind and encounter the Pura Vida lifestyle.

8. Playa Conchal

a boy enjoying on the beach

An admirer of the ocean side would adore Playa Conchal. A large number of little squashed shells are dispersed across the shore, giving it an interesting, stunning appearance.

 The palm trees give a lot of shade, permitting you to unwind while getting a thrilling experience out of water sports the entire day.

9. Playa Carillo

a windy day and palm trees on Playa Carillo, one of the best beaches in Costa Rica

Ideal for people looking for a peaceful getaway. It offers a great view of mountain ranges, and you can take a nap beneath palm trees.

It’s an ideal place for relaxing your mind, a famous spot, to witness spectacular sunsets and swimming. You can also find vendors selling chilled drinks to beat the heat.

10. Playa Ventanas

You can explore stunning rock formations with caves. Sparkling water, coast aligned with palm trees, and dense forest are perfect for relaxing and swimming. 

It is one of the best places and best beaches in Costa Rica to enjoy a picnic, you can find people spending weekends, playing volleyball and other sports.

11. Playa Salsa Brava

a picturesque sunset with soft waves in one of the best beaches in Costa Rica

Known for its powerful waves and thrilling breaks, you can enjoy cruise rides, nightlife, and cuisines.

It takes only a 2-minute bike ride or a 10-minute walk from Cocles, where you can enjoy surfing competitions and catch these thrilling events happening every year.

12. Playa Nacascolo 

a perfect sunny day with blue lagoons

This is a hidden treasure with splendid stones and seashells, you can also spot racoons, and monkeys, and spend a picnic date with your partner or family!  

This is an ideal place and the best beaches in Costa Rica for a peaceful vacation, the best spot for swimming and relaxation. 

13. Playa Espadilla

exotic view of one of the best beaches in  Cost Rica.

Encircled by an exquisite tropical rainforest, this Oceanside has incredible flora and fauna and offers a massive view of the Pacific Ocean

You don’t need to buy expensive tickets or spend hours waiting to experience the area’s stunning view. It is free for the people in general. 

Make sure you make the most out of cafes shaded beneath the palm trees and scenic views.

14. Playa Chiquita

A tiny village along the Costa Rican coast that offers stunning and a wide variety of exquisite lodgings and resorts, lovely seashores for relaxation, and clear waters ideal for swimming. 

It is also a famous spot for visitors who need to sunbathe without wearing garments. 

15. Uvita Beach

Gushing waves against majestic rocks and palm trees in one of the best beaches in Costa Rica

It’s one of the most beautiful and best beaches in Costa Rica, with a 2-mile-long coast

It has its unique charm, white sand, mangroves, colourful marine and wildlife, and gigantic mountains, and it might become your favourite beach! 

Furthermore, it attracts several tourists every year, especially during whale-watching seasons.

  • Ideal for: Nature lovers
  • Location: Puntarenas province 
  • Accommodations: Shipwrecked Hostel, Hotel Faremiti Uvita
  • Exciting activities: Whales and Dolphins watching Tour, music events
  • Conveyance: Bus

16. Playa Santa Teresa

people standing on rocks and adoring beautiful sunset

Santa Teresa is a more serene neighbourhood with stores, eateries, and inns; you could try and run into certain famous celebs there. 

Enjoy yoga, monkeys on your lawn, and unique themed hotels. Remember to appreciate mouthwatering fish and authentic seafood.

17. Barrigona Beach

beautiful sunset on black sand beach in Costa Rica.

The isolated beach with a crescent shape is breathtaking and has one of the cleanest waters.

Until the end, the shore’s beautiful blue seas and soft white sand are encircled by mountains covered in lush greenery

The best part is During the rainy season, an exquisite waterfall from the mountains flows down into the beach!

18. Playa Matapalo

people capturing clear blue lagoons and lush mountains

Matapalo is a serene, ecologically conscious resort community featuring three beaches surrounded by tropical trees along a rocky shoreline, a few guest houses or rustic lodges, some stunning views of the ocean and the magnificent King Louis Waterfall.

 It is a sanctuary for various animals, including birds and monkeys.

19. Jacó Beach

pristine beach and city view in one of the best beaches in Costa Rica

Surfers love the black sand beach in Jacó. Renowned for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and surfers’ paradise.

 It is best known for tourism and has some of the best restaurants, cafes, hotels and clubs and one of the best beaches in Costa Rica- Jacó Beach is a calm, kid-friendly beach. 

Don’t forget to explore the unique 2-hour chocolate tour! Where you can discover a cocoa plantation and eat chocolates during the whole tour.

20. La Fortuna

a car driving around and exploring La Fortuna

It is referred to as the entry point to the two-volcano Arenal Volcano National Park. Enjoy once in a lifetime experience at the base of the volcano, along the thermal Tabacón River.

Along with the best beaches in Costa Rica, Dormant Chato Volcano has a crater lake and rainforest trails leading to La Fortuna Waterfall. There are numerous hot springs, luxurious resorts and Místico Arenal Hanging Bridges

6 Costly Mistakes to Avoid in Costa Rica: Top Things You Should Never Do

  1. Avoid planning your vacation to Costa Rica during the Christmas holidays, as this will result in expensive hotels, tickets, and activities.
  2. Don’t Feed the Animals: It is strictly prohibited to harm wildlife or the environment in Costa Rica, and they might even get scared if you touch them and hurt them as a reflex action. 
  3. Petty Theft is one of the most frequent crimes in Costa Rica, so make sure you don’t forget your valuables in public places such as jewellery, electronics, documents/passports etc.
  4. Avoid swimming in the river. All around the country, crocodiles lay their possessions in the rivers. Simply sticking to swimming pools, natural springs, or the beach to cool off is the best option.
  5. Give up your plan to get tanned: Due to Costa Rica’s proximity to the equator, the sun’s intensity is significantly higher, or else you will end up having skin burns.
  6. Try not to buy drugs: even though drugs are cheap and easily available in Costa Rica, the laws for drugs are extremely strict, and breaking these laws will lead you to the Costa Rica jail.

Things to Remember While Visiting The Best Beaches in Costa Rica 

Here are some tips you should keep in mind before visiting Costa Rica.

Things to Remember While Visiting The Best Beaches in Costa Rica 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which part of Costa Rica has the best beaches?

 The best beaches are:

  • Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio 
  • Montezuma 
  • Espadilla
  • Tortuguero
  • Samara
  • Jacó Beach
  • Playa Grande
  • Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

2. Which beach has the clearest water in Costa Rica?

Playa Chiquita is a small village in Costa Rica that has the cleanest water, this is an ideal spot for relaxing, and having a memorable picnic and it offers a variety of hotels and rental villas.

3. Which is the nicest part of Costa Rica?

The nicest part of Costa Rica you should never miss are:

  1. Playa Tortuguero: sunrise canoe tour, nightlife
  2. La Fortuna: Místico Arenal Hanging Bridges
  3. Jacó Beach: chocolate tour, ziplining
  4. Playa Matapalo: King Louis Waterfall
  5. Playa Chiquita: spas, clearest water
  6. Playas Del Coco: breathtaking sunset views

4. What can you not take into Costa Rica?

Items such as fruits, vegetables, meat items, and flowers will not be permitted through customs. It is strictly banned to transport firearms, guns, drugs, or materials that are pornographic without the necessary documentation.

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