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All About Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands Of Sweden

The Islands of Sweden are located in Northern Europe as Sweden is a Nordic country. Sweden shares its borders with Norway in the west and Finland in the Southeast. It is also connected to Denmark via a bridge-tunnel across the Öresund Strait. 

Sweden has a rich cultural heritage, with contributions to music, literature, film, and design. Sweden is known for its stunning natural landscapes, including dense forests, thousands of lakes, and rugged mountains in the northern regions.

Natural beauty of Islands of Sweden

The Islands of Sweden are home to numerous islands along its extensive coastline and 

within its lakes. Sweden’s archipelago alone consists of thousands of islands, and each has its unique charm and character.

Among 267,570 islands less than 1000 are inhibited. The rest of them remain uninhabited.   

With different outdoor and water activities, The Islands of Sweden is a fairyland for island lovers. Sweden has a diverse landscape and a long coastline along the Baltic Sea. 

Even though it is impossible to list all of the Islands, this article will guide you through some notable beautiful islands of Sweden.  

1. Gotland 

Gotland is one of the most significant Islands of Sweden, and it holds a special place in Swedish history and culture. It is located on the southeastern coast of Sweden.

Gotland has a unique culture and identity, influenced by its history and isolation from the mainland.

Gotland is the largest island in Sweden covering approximately  3484 square kilometers.

It is a popular tourist destination during the summer. 

Things to do 

  • Visiting Gotland Museum 
  • Cultural and theme tours
  • Visby walking tour 

How to Reach 

Ferry services are accessible from the mainland of Sweden. The most common route is from the port of Nynäshamn.

Are there hotels and restaurants?

Yes, Gotland County is one of the major cities in Sweden. There are a lot of hotels and restaurants on this island. 

Name of the Hotels   Rating 
Hotel St. Clemes   4.7
Kalk Hotel Visby  4.7
Hotel Helgeand Wisby  4.6
Hotell Slottsbacken   4.4
First Hotel kokoloko  4.3
Clarion Hotel , Visby     4.2
Best Western Strand Hotel     4.2
Hotel Villa Borgen     4.2
Best Western Solhem Hotel     4.1
Scandic Visby     4.1 
Walking tour of city of Visby
Name of the RestaurantRating 
Kapitelhusgården 4.3
Sankt Hans Café 4.3
Restaurang Slagteriet 4.2
Maltfabriken 4
Fornsalens café & mat 4

2. Island of Ven 

Ven, also known as Hven, is one of the small Islands of Sweden located in the Øresund Strait, which separates Sweden and Denmark. It is a small island covering 7.5 square kilometers. 

Ven has a rich historical and cultural heritage. It is a famous tourist destination for its natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere. 

The best time to visit lies from May to October. An abundance of wheat fields and wildflowers are in this nature reserve. 

Things to do 

  • Visit St. Ibb’s Church
  • Cycling to explore the island 
  • Tycho Brahe Museum 

How to Reach 

The ferry ride is available from both Landskrona in Sweden and Helsingør in Denmark. The ride takes 30-40 minutes. 

Are there hotels and restaurants?

No, there are no hotels on the island of Ven but there are some Restaurants/cafes on the island. 

Name of the restaurants 

  • The beach tavern
  • Middle on Hvn 
  • Bread on vine
  • Agne’s tapas 
 Swedish summer on Island of Ven

3. Finnhamn 

Finnhamn is indeed one of the Islands of Sweden and is located in the Stockholm Archipelago. The island of Finnhamn covers an area of approximately 40 hectares. 

It is a part of the nature reserve and is known for its rocky shores, forests, meadows, and walking trails. It is a peaceful and scenic island in Sweden. 

 Finnhamn Island can be visited throughout the year. 

Things to do 

  • Kayaking 
  • Explore the island by hiking through trails 

How to reach 

The ferry ride is usually taken by visitors from Stockholm. 

There are scheduled ferry rides and private boat rentals available. 

Are there hotels and restaurants?

No, Finnhamn is a part of the Stockholm Archipelago which has over 30,000 islands. So hotels and restaurants are on the mainland i.e. Stockholm. 

Kayaking spot in Finnhamn

4. Öland

The second largest Island of Sweden after Gotland is Öland island. It is located in the Baltic Sea along the southern coastline of Sweden. 

The main attractions of this island are its natural beauty, historical sites, and charming beaches. The island features a mix of farmland, forests, wetlands, and sandy beaches along its coastline.

Öland covers an area of approximately 1,342 square kilometers. It is a famous visiting site during the summer. 

Things to do 

  • Birdwatching 
  • Cycling 
  • Eating Traditional Swedish cuisine 

How to reach 

The Öland Bridge connects the island to the mainland. It made it convenient for the residents and tourists to visit one of the islands of Sweden. 

Are there hotels and restaurants?

Yes, hotels and restaurants are on the Öland island. 

S.NoName of the hotels Rating 
1Hotell Borgholm4.6
2Guntorps Manor4.6
3Eco by StrandNära – EkoHotell Öland4.5
4Monicas Rumsuthyrning4.4
5Hotel  Skansen Färjestaden4.2
Coast of Öland island

Name of the restaurants 

5. The Weather Islands

The Weather Islands are a combination of nearly 100 tiny Islands of Sweden. They are located in the Kattegat, which is the sea area between Sweden and Denmark in the northeastern part of the North Sea.

The weather islands are known for their rugged and rocky landscapes. This island is a part of the nature reserve.

Things to do 

  • Watching diverse marine life 
  • hiking

How to reach 

Visitors can take a boat or ferry ride from the nearby coastal areas like Fjällbacka or Strömstad.

The boat provides transportation and also gives guided tours. 

Are there hotels and restaurants?

No, there are no hotels and restaurants on the weather islands but the island is a few kilometers away from the mainland of Fjällbacka. 

Scenic view in Hiking trail

6. Vaxhlom

While Vaxholm itself is not in one of the Islands of Sweden. It is a gateway to the Stockholm archipelago for both the residents and the tourists. Vaxhlom is a must-visit for people coming to Stockholm.

Vaxholm is located in the Stockholm archipelago, which is a vast network of islands, islets, and skerries in the Baltic Sea. It is a town based near Stockholm at a distance of 36 kilometers. 

The town has a vibrant cultural scene with shops, and restaurants serving local cuisine, including seafood.

Things to do

How to reach 

A ferry from Stockholm is easily available.

Another option is to go by road via a bridge that connects the mainland to the island. 

Are there hotels and restaurants?

Yes, a few hotels and restaurants are in the Vaxhlom island. 

S.NoName of the hotels Ratings 
1Vaxholms Bed & Breakfast4.9
2Waxholms Hotell4.1
3Kastellet Bed & Breakfast4.1
Ferry's coming from Mainland

Name of the restaurants

7. Sandhamn

Sandhamn is a well-known island in the Stockholm Archipelago, and it is also the main village on the island of Sandön. Sandön is known for its sandy beaches, pine forests, and rocky landscapes.

Among the Islands of Sweden, Sandhamn became a popular destination in summer for the high societies of Stockholm. Therefore, it is a popular summer destination.

Sandhamn is also convenient for one-day trips as it is well-linked to the mainland. It is an attractive place for enthusiasts of water sports.

Things to do  

  • Sailing and Yachting 
  • Water activities 
  • Enjoying sandy beaches 

How to reach  

Sandhamn is accessible by passenger ferries from Stockholm. 

Are there hotels and restaurants?

Yes, very few hotels and restaurants are present on the island. 

S.NoName of the hotels Ratings 
2Sandhamn Seglarhotell4
Yatch Sailing in Sandhamn

Name of the restaurants

8. Marstand 

Marstrand is a picturesque island and town located on the west coast of Sweden. It is situated in the Kattegat. It is 30 kilometers away from Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest city. 

Visitors are drawn to its historic charm which has been mentioned in the history of Sweden. Marstand was once an important trade center. 

Among the Islands of Sweden, Marstand is renowned for its sailing and boating culture. Various sailing events like the Marstand big boat race are hosted attracting sailors from around the world. 

The island’s charming streets and maritime heritage create a unique and picturesque atmosphere for visitors.

Things to do  

  • Visit to the Carlsten Fortress 
  • Water activities 
  • Hiking 
  • Kayaking 

How to reach 

Buses and trains are available from Gothenburg to Marstand. 

A drive would take 45 minutes starting from Gothenburg. 

Are there hotels and restaurants?

Yes, some hotels and restaurants are available. 

S.No Name of the hotels Rating 
1Soldatens Bed & Breakfast4.4
2Salt & Sill4.3
3Marstrands Havshotell4.2
4Grand Hotel Marstrand4.2
5Hotell Nautic4.2
Boatyard in Marstand

Name of the restaurants 

9. Tjörn

Tjörn is one of the Islands of Sweden located on the western coast of Sweden. It is the sixth-biggest island in Sweden. With around 15000 inhabitants, this island is known for its Fishing Village and rocky coastline. 

Tjörn is not only a great destination for nature lovers but also for those interested in Swedish culture and maritime history. 

It is a popular tourist destination among tourists in the summer. Visitors can explore the scenic islands and indulge in delicious seafood. 

Tjörn is the cultural and artistic hub. The best time to visit Tjörn is during summer. 

Things to do 

  • Visit Pilane Sculpture Park is a must-do.  
  • Visit The Nordic Watercolor Museum 
  • Fishing 
  • Kayaking 

How to reach  

The easiest way to reach is by taking a bus from Gothenburg’s Central Station which takes about an hour. 

Renting a car is also available. 

Are there hotels and restaurants?

Yes, restaurants and hotels are present but only one hotel is available on this island i.e. Tjörns Havspensionat

Name of the restaurants 

  • Lottas Bak & Form, Surdegsbageri och Kafé
  • Linas Brygga
  • Pizzeria Yanos
Strand Marina on Tjörn

10. Fjäderholmarna

Fjäderholmarna is a group of small islands located in the Stockholm Archipelago. Known for its peaceful escape from the hustle of city life. 

The islands have a rich history dating back to the 18th century.  You can explore historical sites and learn about the maritime heritage of the area. 

The relaxed atmosphere and scenic surroundings make Fjäderholmarna a lovely destination for visitors of all ages. 

Among the Islands of Sweden, this island is perfect for a one-day short trip or weekend getaway while visiting Stockholm. 

Things to do  

  • Walking tours 
  • Restaurants and cafe hopping 
  • Visiting art and craft studios

How to reach  

The best way to reach Fjäderholmarna from Stockholm is through a local Ferry which takes just 4 minutes. 

Are there hotels and restaurants?

No, as Fjäderholmarna is one of the islands in the Stockholm Archipelago. Therefore, hotels, restaurants, and cafes are on the mainland near this island. 

Country landscapes of Fjäderholmarna


Why Sweden has a lot of islands?

Sweden is located in a geologically active region, and tectonic forces have played a role in shaping the landscape. A long time ago, due to a shift in the tectonic plates Sweden shifted to the north. Eventually formed the Islands of Sweden. 

How many Islands are there in Sweden?

Sweden has the largest number of islands in the world. It has 267,570 islands in total out of which 984 are inhabited islands surrounded by water completely. 

How do you travel between the islands of Sweden?

Ferries and passenger boats are the most common and easy modes of transportation. You can usually find schedules and purchase tickets at the ferry terminals or online in advance.

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