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Lakshadweep Islands 2024: Best Places, Islands, and Stays

The Lakshadweep Islands are a group of 36 islands and are a part of the Indian Union Territory. This is the smallest Union Territory which occupies an area of 32 sq km in the Arabian Sea.

‘Lakshadweep’ name is from Malayalam and Sanskrit language which means ‘a hundred thousand islands’.

The islands have stunning landscapes, beaches, and a variety of lush flora and fauna. Apart from the beauty, the islands are also a hub of adventure sports so you will find a lot of things to do here!

This article unlocks everything about Lakshadweep to serve you as a total guide over things to do, places to visit, accommodations, restaurants, and many more. 

10 Things To Do At Lakshadweep Islands

An island of Lakshadweep Islands

If you are visiting Lakshadweep, don’t forget to try these 10 best things to do for a wholesome experience:

1. Snorkelling and Scuba Diving

Lakshadweep has crystal-clear blue waters and vibrant coral reefs, making it perfect for underwater exploration. Snorkeling and Scuba diving both offer you a magical experience in the water world.

Snorkelling is perfect if you are a beginner or are scared of a dive. All you need is a mask and a snorkel to float. It is an ideal activity to observe the marine life and corals above water.

Whereas, scuba diving gives you an in-depth experience. You can do it easily with the proper equipment and guidance. Witness the underwater beauty right in front of your eyes by diving among the fish and turtles.

2. Water Sports

Sports enthusiasts will love this! The Lakshadweep also offers water sports like water skiing, jet skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, and sailing.

Water Skiing and Jet Skiing 

These are perfect for the adrenaline rush. You will love to glide over the clear waters of the Arabian Sea.

In water skiing, you wear skis when you are being pulled through a motorboat. 

Whereas, jet skiing involves riding a small and speedy watercraft on the sea. You will love to pierce the water surface with your speedboat.


Windsurfing combines both surfing and sailing. In this, you stand on a board, and through a sail, you glide across the water. Tackle the power to wind on your way!

In Lakshadweep, you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking views of the ocean and islands while windsurfing on your board. 

Kayaking in Lakshadweep Islands

Kayaking here will be a calm and pleasant experience. You will need to get on a kayak (a type of boat) and paddle along the waters.

You will be surrounded by amazing views of lush greenery and crystal clear waters through which you can look down at the marine life’s beauty.

The lagoon waters will offer a safe way to your kayaking.


Getting to the most basic sport, sailing. Lakshadweep offers a to-the-mark adventure combining breathtaking views and gentle sea breeze.

Whether you’re an experienced sailor or trying it for the first time, this place will soothe your soul on your sail.

3. Yacht Cruise

Want to explore the islands in a luxurious way? Board a Cruise!

This place also offers the facility to go on a cruise journey to see the island’s beauty with a grand treatment. 

You will see the surroundings from a unique perspective and even can go to some places that cannot be accessed by other means.

You can relax on the deck, soak in the sun, and enjoy the calm breeze over it.

4. Witnessing Tuna Fishing

The islands are famous for their tuna fish, and the locals have mastered to catch them. 

You can observe fishermen going to the middle of the sea in traditional boats and using age-old techniques like use pole and line methods which are passed down from many generations. 

This activity is a glimpse of Lakshadweep’s life and culture and the connection between locals and the sea.

5. Cultural Experiences

Engage yourself in the culture of the islands by attending dance and music performances and showcasing local folklore and stories

The majority of the population here is Muslim and their culture has a blend of Malayali traditions from Kerela.

Religious local festivals provide a deeper understanding of the culture and life of the people here.

6. Enjoy Local Cuisines

The local cuisine is blended with Kerela’s and the islands’ taste which is influenced by coconut and seafood

Here are some very famous local dishes of the islands that you must try:

For Non-vegetarians 

  • Fish curry: Freshly caught fish stewed in coconut milk and spices.
  • Mas Fry: A spicy fried tuna fish dish, eaten with rice.
  • Bondas: A snack i.e. deep-fried savory balls made from different ingredients

For Vegetarians

  • Sambar: A soupy south Indian dish with the island’s touch. It is made with different vegetables and spices.
  • Avial: A thick paste south Indian dish also with an island’s touch. It is made with vegetables, yogurt, and coconut and flavoured with coconut oil and curry leaves.

7. Participate in Environmental Conservation

A reward must be given to the Island as it offers you an amazing experience. So, engage in eco-friendly activities to learn about the conservation efforts made on the island.

You can help clean up the beaches and educate yourself and others about the importance of coral reefs and their protection methods.

You can also help by choosing eco-friendly options during your stay as every small action can make a difference!

8. Photography In Lakshadweep Islands

Photography in Lakshadweep is like a dream come true for any professional and even beginner!

The islands offer a whole palette of colors in its nature from deep blues in the ocean to vibrant greens in vegetation.

You can capture the amazing sky, water life, nature, sandy beaches, architecture, and whatnot.

Find your piece of attraction and begin with your photography!

9. Bird Watching

The island has a number of bird species and untouched habitats especially the unique species that are only found in the coastal environment.

You will find both local and migratory birds here. From colorful reef herons to the majestic white-bellied sea eagles, the islands will stun you.

10. Sunset and Sunrise Watching

As the sun rises here, the sky slowly brightens with stunning shades of orange and pink, giving a warm glow over the beaches and sparkling waters. It looks so peaceful and feels like the whole world is rising. 

In the evening, the sunset makes the sky the canvas of reds, purples, and golds. The reflections look amazing on clear waters!

These moments are not just visually stunning but also incredibly calming. 

Best Time to Visit Lakshadweep Islands

Cruise sailing on waters

The best time to visit the Lakshadweep islands is between October to mid-May as the weather is mild which is perfect for the visit to coastal areas. 

However, if you are planning to go on other months, check these out:

Summer (March to May) 

Pros: Warm weather and clear skies that are perfect for beach activities

Cons: Humidity and higher temperatures are uncomfortable

Monsoon (June to September) 

Pros: Lesser crowd, lots of greenery, and rain perfect for monsoon lovers

Cons: More rain can lead to the change of plans and travel

Winter (October to February)

Pros: Pleasant weather, clear sky offer soothing sun rays at the beach

Cons: More crowded and accommodation shortage

Best Places to Eat at Lakshadweep Islands

Check out these Google-rated restaurants on the islands to grab a bite:

S. No.Restaurant NameRatingArea/ Island
1.R K Restaurant5.0Kavaratti
2.Andhaan beach restaurant4.4Agatti
3.Paragon Restaurant4.8Andrott
4.Sea Line Restaurant4.0Kavaratti
5.Hotel Aboo’s4.3Minicoy
6.Cucumber City5.0Agatti
7.Taj Restaurant4.0Kavaratti
8.Hotel Hayath4.0Minicoy
9.Heavens Treat Beach Restaurant4.2Kavaratti
10.Reef Beach Cafe4.4Kavaratti
11.TASTE ONE Restaurant4.5Kadmat
12.Hotel SABOOR4.0Kiltan
13.Evening Star4.3Minicoy
14.Tea Tag4.3Kavaratti
15.Cousin’s Cafe5.0Kalpeni

Attractions of 10 Lakshadweep Islands

Out of 36 islands, only 10 are inhibited islands rest are deserted, newly formed, or submerged.

Here is the list of some must-see things and places to visit in these 10 Islands:

1. Kavaratti: Capital Of Lakshadweep Islands

Kavaratti beach shore

a. Kavaratti Marine Aquarium

Kavaratti Marine Aquarium showcases a wide range of colorful marine life. You can see various fish, sharks, and coral species closely. It’s a great place for learning about marine ecosystems and the importance of conserving underwater life.

b. Urja Mosque

The Urja Mosque in Lakshadweep is a soothing and beautiful place to worship. It’s known for its architecture and peaceful atmosphere. Located on Agatti island, the mosque is a special spiritual site for the local Muslim community.

c. Turtle Hatchery

The Turtle Hatchery in Lakshadweep is a conservation center for protecting and nurturing sea turtle eggs. It ensures their safe hatching and release back into the ocean which helps to preserve these endangered marine creatures.

d. Kavaratti Beach

Kavaratti Beach in Lakshadweep Islands is known for its clear blue waters and white sands. It offers a perfect spot for relaxing, swimming, and marine life exploration. 

2. Agatti: Gateway of Lakshadweep Islands

Peaceful Agatti beach shore

a. Mohiuddin Mosque 

Mohiuddin Mosque in Lakshadweep is an old, beautiful mosque known for its architectural style. It’s on the island of Minicoy and is important for local Muslims. The mosque has amazing carved wooden pillars with attract tourists.

b. Agatti Island Bazaar 

Agatti Island Bazaar in Lakshadweep is a vibrant market. There are beautiful local crafts, colorful clothes, and fresh produce. Visitors enjoy its friendly atmosphere and unique island goods. 

c. Bangaram Island:

Bangaram Island which is 12 km away from Agatti Island, is a beautiful tropical isolated island. This island is uninhabited with beautiful beaches, clear waters, and coral reefs. You can visit it on a boat from Agatti.

d. Island of Thinnakara

Thinnakara Island is 8 km from Agatti and is a beautiful island like Bangaram. This island is famous for its water sports activities which makes it an attraction. This island offers panoramic views of the lush green surroundings with clear blue waters.

3. Amini

Amini beach view with clear blue waters and peaceful weather

Image Source: seawatersports

a. Amini Beach

Amini Beach is typically less crowded so this beach offers a relaxing and soothing beach spot. You will love to lie down on the sandy shores and feel the cool breeze coming from the waters.

b. Local Market 

Amini Island was one of the first islands to be inhabited. The artisans on this island are famous for making walking sticks from coconut shells and tortoise shells. They gracefully carve stone and coral motifs as well. You will love to explore this local market and buy something unique for your loved ones.

4. Kadmat

Kadmat island shore and houses view from the waters

a. Kadmat Beach

Like every other beach on these peaceful Lakshadweep islands, Kadmat Beach is also an attraction. The beach will offer you a peaceful yet memorable experience. It is filled with natural beauty as well.

b. Golden Jubilee Museum

The Golden Jubilee Museum in Lakshadweep islands is a significant cultural center. It shows the islands’ history, traditions, and marine life. It is a heritage of Lakshadweep’s people as it shows their lifestyle and heritage of them.

5. Kilthan

Kiltan is a small, beautiful island in Lakshadweep and is famous for its folk dances. This island is a backward island and if you want to see how people used to live without urban facilities, you should visit it. The people here are very friendly and live a simple life. Kilthan is less crowded and offers a peaceful experience.

6. Chetlat

Chetlat Island is the northern-most inhabited island and is a hub of vibrant coral reefs and fishing. It is the untouched beauty which you should visit to have an amazing experience. It is 37 km away from the Kilthan island.

7. Bitra

Bitra is a tiny island with the smallest population of about just a few hundred people. It has limited facilities but will give you a unique experience. It is said that there is also a small sanctuary of Malik Mulla, an old Arab Saint who was buried here.

8. Andrott: biggest In Lakshadweep Islands

Andrott is the largest island of Lakshadweep. It is a popular destination for tourists who look for calm beaches and clear waters. The island is rich with traditions like fishing and coconut cultivation. Andrott also has a lighthouse and a Jumaat Mosque which is the tomb of Saint Ubaidullah.

9. Kalpeni

Clean Kalpeni Beach

a. Storm Bank 

The storm bank of Kalpeni is basically a large bank consisting of coral debris that was due to a storm that came in 1847, as said. The storm took large coral boulders and the shores of Kalpeni, here. 

B. Tilakkam and Pitti Islands

Kalpeni is a group of 3 islets i.e.Tilakkam, Pitti, and Cheriyam. These islands are also the hub of the natural beauty. Kalpeni is a must-visit site for you as there is a lot of history here. It was the first place where girls were sent to school when sending girls for education was considered taboo.

10. Minicoy: Most Famous In Lakshadweep Islands

a. Lighthouse

The lighthouse of Minicoy Island is the main attraction. It is a 300-foot-tall lighthouse that was built in 1885 by the British. It is called a majestic landmark of Minicoy which guides the ships in the Arabian Sea.

b. Minicoy Beach

Minicoy has one of the largest lagoons and is a very popular destination among tourists. The Minicoy beach also has bathing huts with change rooms along with facilities for water sports. You will love to hang on the white sands and rush to clear blue waters.

c. Tuna Canning Factory

Minicoy is the center for tuna fishing and tuna canning. They are also specialized in the processing of the tuna. You can go to its factory and observe the whole process. This will be an educational part of your visit. 

d. Juma Mosque

Juma Mosque is an important religious and cultural landmark on the island. The mosque is made in Maldivian style which attracts tourists. The mosque shows the rich heritage of the Muslims of Minicoy Island.

Tips to Access Lakshadweep Islands 

You can reach Lakshadweep by two modes i.e. air and sea. 

Check this information to find your fit:

1. By Air

  • Airport: There is only 1 airport in Lakshadweep Islands which is in Agatti Island.
  • Airlines from India: Air India, Indigo Airlines, Jet Airways, SpiceJet, Go Air, Indian Airlines, Jet Konnect and Air India Express.
  • Duration From Kochi: It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • Helicopter: You can do island hopping in Lakshadweep from a helicopter only in suitable weather.

2. By Sea

  • Passenger Ships: There are various passenger ships like MV Lagoons, MV Arabian Sea, etc. They are budget-friendly as well.
  • Cruises: To choose a grand journey you can choose a cruise like Cordelia cruise, a government-operated cruise, or even a private cruise.
  • Journey Time: It takes about 14 to 20 hours and may vary according to the island.
  • Facilities: The facilities are provided according to your budget but the basics are always included.
  • Boats: You can island hop using a boat in Lakshadweep.

Air travel is faster, while sea travel offers a scenic journey. You can choose according to your liking and budget.

Accommodations in Lakshadweep Islands

Here are some Google-rated hotels and resorts you can find on some of the islands of Lakshadweep:

S. No.Name of Hotel/ ResortRatingArea/ Island
1. Bangaram Island Resort4.6Bangaram
2.Red Corals Beach Resort Agatti4.6Agatti
3.White Pearl Beach Resort Agatti4.8Agatti
4.Seashells Resort Agatti4.4Agatti
5.Kadmat Island Beach Resort4.4Kadmat
6.Kasims Beach Villa4.3Agatti
7.Wundervoll Resort5.0Agatti
8.Coral Paradise Beach Resort4.3Agatti
9.Bismillah Hotel And Lodging4.2Kavaratti
10.Hotel AI-Be & Restaurant3.7Kavaratti
11.Mubarak Hotel And Lodging4.3Agatti
12.Kadmat Resort3.8Kadmat
13.Minicoy Island Beach Resort4.8Minicoy
14.Coraline Beach Resort4.8Agatti
15.Agatti Beach Resort4.8Agatti

Checklist Before You Go To Lakshadweep Islands

You should do proper planning before you go anywhere to have a hassle-free experience. Here is the important checklist for you to plan your easy journey:

  1. Obtain Necessary Permits: Non-residents, Indians, and foreigners all need a permit to visit Lakshadweep. You can apply through a registered travel agent or directly with the Lakshadweep Administration.
  2. Plan Your Accommodation in Advance: Accommodation facilities in Lakshadweep are not well developed and are very few so you should book them in advance.
  3. Pack Appropriately: Carry your essentials with you like a hat, sunscreen, and comfortable clothing.
  4. Be aware of Local Regulations: Follow all the rules and guidelines to protect the environment. Also, some of the areas are restricted, make sure you don’t enter them.
  5. Check the Weather: Plan your vacation/ trip according to the weather forecasts.
  6. Health Precautions: The island offers limited medical facilities, so make sure you carry your medications and some common medicines in case. Moreover, avoid dehydration in the coastal areas.
  7. Limited Communication: Mobile connectivity may not work so tell someone in advance about all the planning of your visit.
  8. Local Currency: INR (Indian Currency) is used. Carry cash as the ATM may not work.
  9. Choose Activities Wisely: Plan activities according to your interest, don’t rush on everything.

Wrapping Up

Lakshadweep islands are a gem for travelers who want to go on unspoiled beaches and escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

They have an abundance of stunning coral reefs, clear blue waters, and diverse marine life, it’s a water paradise. Each island in Lakshadweep has its unique charm with its natural beauty.

Lakshadweep is not just a destination but an experience, a place where nature’s beauty is in harmony with the local way of life.


1. How many islands are in Lakshadweep?

Lakshadweep Islands are a group of 36 islands with an area of 32 sq km. It is India’s smallest Union territory in the Arabian Sea.

2. What is Lakshadweep famous for?

Lakshadweep islands are known for their lush green islands and exotic and sun-kissed beaches offering a remarkable beach experience. Moreover, they are a hub of corals and marine life.

3. What is the old name of Lakshadweep?

These small islands were previously known as Laccative, Minicoy, and Amindive islands. In 1973, their name changed to Lakshadweep.

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